How Writing A Book Can Help Grow Your Brand

By Connor Judson Garrett


If you want to build your professional or personal brand, you’ve probably asked yourself, what’s the best way to cut through the noise?


One of the most tried and true tactics is writing a book. But why is that exactly?


There are about seven key ways a book can help you:


  • Create an impact by improving the lives of others
  • Attract new clients and opportunities
  • Receive speaking invitations
  • Establish yourself as an authority and boost credibility
  • Increase visibility and raise your status
  • Leave a legacy behind


A Book Impacts People


While this facet of the book business might be the most ignored because it seems a little less tangible, the reality is that the most successful books are the ones that give something of value to the reader. 


Consider Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People or even a work of fiction like The Alchemist. Both are enormously popular years after their original publication and both serve the self-help seekers despite being in different genres. 


As a book publisher, we always ask one question for exactly that reason:


How does the book change the reader’s life?


If the author can answer that, then word-of-mouth will be their best ally in brand-building. People want to share their good news with other people, so if you make someone’s life better, they will go out and tell all of their friends. 


The best books provide value. If the author gives the reader the secrets and the knowledge they had to earn for themselves, then both parties win in the end. 


A Book Attracts New Clients and Opportunities


Google is the #1 search engine. YouTube is #2. Guess what #3 is?


That’s right — Amazon. Furthermore, it beats LinkedIn as the top search engine for professionals. 


When a person wants to find an authority on a topic, the first thing they think about is who wrote the book about that particular topic. 


People want to know how you can help them, and a book serves as a funnel that brings them straight to you. It’s the surest way to create a white-hot lead. 


For example, Lucid House Publishing worked with personal development and fitness coach Michael Chiara to write and publish his book The Longevity Game


In Michael’s case, he made good money off of book sales, but even better money off of the new clients he acquired via the book.


Michael is in his twenties, but he’s been building his business obsessively since he was 18 years old. However, The Longevity Game is what woke his peers up to the fact that he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mental and physical fitness. 


Ultimately, he gained the equivalent of $2000 per month in new clients over the next few months following his book launch. 


Receive Speaking Invitations


When you become an authority, people are more than happy to pay you to speak to their company, organization, or group. 


The truth is, however, many authors believe these organizations are going to just show up knocking at their door. But it takes active outreach and asking for exactly what you want.


For instance, one of our authors Sam Bracken was able to turn his book My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change into a series of speaking gigs. If an author has a talent for speaking there’s serious money to be made here. 


His secret: He asked for them to pay him.


Most agreed. For the rest, he negotiated deals where they had to purchase a minimum, agreed-upon amount of books in place of a speaker fee. 


Especially in the genre of nonfiction, authors frequently make more money from speaking gigs than they do from revenue generated via book sales. 


Establish Yourself as An Authority and Boost Credibility


One of our founders, author Echo Montgomery Garrett, always brings books she’s written with her on the airplane. 


“It’s better than a business card,” she says. 


Garrett’s belief in the book as the new business card has been rewarded in the form of gaining new clients right then and there on airplane rides. 


“Every trip turns into a business trip,” she adds.


Anyone can print out a nice card and write whatever they want on their LinkedIn account. But it takes a legitimate authority to write a book. Being a published author is a permanent crowning achievement. It takes an extreme level of commitment and an insanely deep well of knowledge to draw from. 


Furthermore, a book is proof that you can push a project across the finish line. A college degree is common these days and doesn’t prove you can apply your skills in the real world. A book, on the other hand, does. 


Increase Visibility and Raise Your Status


The first move the media makes when they want to find a source is they head straight to the experts.


What makes someone an expert? Well, in short, expertise comes in many forms, but the clearest identifier is whoever wrote the book on the subject.


Journalists and their respective outlets start their search for quotes and sources straight at the top, which is Amazon for professional profiles — and more specifically, authors. 


Echo Montgomery Garrett and Sam Bracken have been featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, and a litany of other major media outlets because of their reputation for expertise as authors. 


Leave A Legacy Behind


Most of us don’t have a legion behind us to build a pyramid in our honor. Nowadays, the most lasting and impactful creation we can leave behind is arguably a great song or a great book. 


A song is a conversation with a melody and a rhythm to it. Music is deeply intimate and the voices and the words in it become immortalized. Well, a book is a longer, deeper conversation between the author and the internal dialogue of the reader. 


Frederick Douglass, for example, lived a remarkable life. He was truly as close to self-made as a human being can get. But nobody would have remembered Douglass that way had he not had the foresight and desire to write his autobiographies. 


What he did was not only leave behind his story of triumph and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles; He gave others a vision of hope and resilience and a model to follow. 


So How Does Writing A Book Help Grow Your Brand Again?


A book is a way of tying together the essential parts of yourself, your business, and your passions. The world is always looking for unique voices with unique insights. There is no better multi-purpose marketing piece to show the world how to find you and what for than a book.

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