Jawad Mazhir

Director of Technology & Design

Jawad Mazhir is the founder of Dreams Collective, a cooperative of entrepreneurs, independent freelancers, small businesses, and creative professionals. His dream is to help others reach the same level of success he has found in their personal & professional lives. He embodies the definition of serial entrepreneur. As the owner of multiple successful ventures he offers unique insights on entrepreneurship, marketing, brand-building, business development, and so much more. Jawad codes and builds things with technology (such as this website) but he also has a great eye for design. He designs websites, mobile apps, book covers and interiors, posters, social media posts, merchandise, and logos. He has done eCommerce, store management, product creation, social media management, and marketing campaigns for big brands such as Katy Perry, LMFAO, Slim Shady Records, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

Jawad has a Masters degree in Marketing from Georgia State University along with a Bachelors in Biochemistry from Berry College. A technology enthusiast and creative with a passion for education and learning, his future plans might include running for politics for the State of Georgia or become a university professor.

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