Kathy L. Murphy Joins Lucid House Publishing as Director of Acquisitions

Written by: Echo Montgomery Garrett

May 27, 2020, Atlanta, GA — Lucid House Publishing welcomes Kathy L. Murphy, founder of The Pulpwood Queens’ Book Club Reading Nation, to its team as director of acquisitions. The Atlanta-based bespoke, boutique publishing house, was co-founded by authors Connor Judson Garrett and Echo Montgomery Garrett, both of whom have had books picked by Murphy. “We launched the kind of publishing company that we wanted to work with and flipped the traditional model on its head.,” says Echo, the author of 20 books including My Orange Duffel Bag, the multi-award winning book that became the first self-published book ever acquired by Random House and that Murphy counts among her favorite Book of the Month picks of all time.

Murphy, who started and runs the largest meeting-and-discussing book club in the world with nearly 800 chapters nationwide and in fifteen foreign countries, first caught the attention of the publishing world for her ability to spot potential bestsellers — often well before the mainstream publishing world discovered them. “I’ve devoted my career to finding great books and authors and sharing their work,” says Murphy, the author of The Pulpwood Queens’ Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life (3rd edition), the first book that new members of her club are required to read.

The Pulpwood Queen Celebrates 20 Years, edited by Susan Cushman and published by Brother Mockingbird, was released in January 2020 at her annual event Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, Texas, that draws authors and book club members from all over the nation. The book is an anthology of essays, poems, and stories by Pulpwood Queen authors and members celebrating 20 years of reading together.

Murphy and the Pulpwood Queens/Timber Guys have been featured on Oprah’s Oxygen Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and kicked off Good Morning America‘s READ THIS Book Club with Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. The passionate supporter of authors has been featured in The Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, Texas Monthly, Texas Highway and all local and regional radio, and television stations. She was the host of The Beauty and the Book online talk show sponsored by Random House Publishing. Her first book was optioned to DreamWorks and has been in talks with its producer for a possible television series.

Murphy received her B.F.A. in Fine Arts, minor in Art History from The University of Texas in Tyler and has been working as an artist ever since. She is currently at work on three books: the sequel to her first memoir The Pulpwood Queen Goes Back to School: Continuing Guide to Life on Being a Lifelong Learner; Eureka: A Novel; and a new series Frogtown. The voracious reader typically receives close to 900 books a year to consider for her book club picks. She says, “I’ve been offered money more times than I can count, but my picks are based their own merit – regardless of genre or who published it.”

Her new role with Lucid House Publishing puts her in a position to influence another important part of the publishing process. Says Murphy, who resides in East Texas, “I’ve long believed that publishing needed a new model, and I believe Lucid House Publishing provides that.”