Kevin N. Garrett

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

I started off as a content writer and an SEO specialist for ZipRecruiter in Los Angeles before working in advertising as a copywriter. During that period, I co-founded StudyHubb, a mobile app to help students find study buddies. We gained 10,000 users on a zero dollar marketing budget, but we couldn’t quite get it over the hump to go viral or generate serious revenue. However, I learned from that experience that I am passionate about niche products and services. I co-founded a second mobile app My Typewriter, a vintage typewriter app, which has charted as high as #14 for all iOS utility apps and generates a monthly income. 

My primary passion and biggest dreams always revolved around writing even as I immersed myself in the startup world. I was awarded the inaugural Edward Readicker-Henderson Travel Classics Award for emerging travel writers by a panel of editors from the top travel magazines in the world. I have written for magazines including Private Clubs, The South Magazine, Georgia Hollywood Review, and Hook & Barrel, while continuing to write ad copy for brands such as Texas Pete and Green Mountain Gringo. I’ve also written two poetry books Become The Fool and Life in Lyrics, and co-authored the mind-body self-help book The Longevity Game. My debut novel Falling Up in The City of Angels was named a July 2020 Pulpwood Queen Book Club Bonus Book. My latest Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss, co-authored with my father Kevin N. Garrett, debuts on June 7, 2020, and the e-book was named Amazon’s #1 New Release in the Children’s Fairytales and Myth Collections category. Kathy L. Murphy, founder of the Pulpwood Queens/Timber Guys, the largest meeting-and-discussing book club in the world with more than 800+ chapters, has already named it a 2021 Official Pulpwood Queen Book of the Month Selection.

Check out my latest book project!Spellbound Under The Spanish Moss