We are interested in nonfiction, memoir, literary fiction, graphic novels, young adult, children’s books, and poetry, as well as work that blends genres. We carefully evaluate submissions, seeking unique voices, concepts, and great storytellers to welcome to our house. Authors, who would fit into the Lucid House family and philosophy, are dedicated to the success of their work and to quality. Because we are a small, bespoke publisher, the number of authors we take on will be limited.

Here is the submission process for an unsolicited manuscript:

1. Pay a $100 reading fee. We accept PayPal, Venmo or checks made payable to Lucid House Publishing.

2. Send a printed and bound copy of your well-written, edited manuscript along with all of your contact information and a letter about you and your dreams and goals for your manuscript to the following address:

Lucid House Publishing
Attn: Kathy L. Murphy, Director of Acquisitions
P.O. Box 1220
Hawkins, Texas 75765 – 1220

3. Payment does not guarantee that your manuscript will be a good fit for Lucid House, but guarantees that it will be read. The fee covers evaluation and consideration only, and Lucid House will not provide a critique of manuscripts that are not selected. Manuscripts will not be returned and those not accepted will be destroyed.

4. If you are not contacted within two months of a submission, you can assume that your manuscript did not work for our vision of Lucid House Publishing. Please do not call or email to follow up.

5. Lucid House will only notify authors with whom we see a future. At that point, we will set up a time to discuss your project further. Please be sure to include all of your contact information if you submit a manuscript.