Our mission is to help bring great stories to life. We believe stories transcend genres.

Why Lucid House Publishing?

A book can be a portal into other worlds. It can allow us to listen to the thoughts of the brilliant minds who were here before us. Or it can help you establish yourself as an authority in a certain subject.

Either way, there’s a good chance you have a story to share and a perspective the world will enjoy. A book is the most enduring, impactful medium to deliver your story.

Traditional publishers tend to take ownership, eliminate an author’s creative control, and essentially determine the fate of a book — for better or worse.

Self-publishing, on the other hand, can be an equally tricky route (though to be fair, it can work if you have a good deal of experience) due to poor quality, vanity publishing, and the sheer amount of time and effort that actually goes into publishing a book.

That’s why Lucid House Publishing is a bespoke publishing solution. Truthfully, that’s a fancy way of saying that we work with you in whatever capacity you need to get your book ready.

Another way of putting it is that we act as your publishing partner to fill in the gaps. Whether your project requires editing, ghost writing, cover design, page layouts, or consulting, we’re here to help.

We can help at any and every step of the

way along your journey as an author.


Book coaching

We coach you through the book writing process, with the potential to publish with us.

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Book writing

We interview you to draw out the story and complete all the writing, editing, and publishing.

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Book publishing

We’ll turn your manuscript into a professionally published book.

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