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Lucid House Publishing is a nontraditional publisher (a firm that offers alternatives to traditional publishing) with a mission to empower writers. By producing high-quality work and teaching authors about publishing standards, we are helping to ensure that nontraditional publishing continues to be a viable alternative to traditional publishing.



Lucid House Publishing helps independent publishers and authors publish their books. We work with authors in a couple different ways, but in either scenario you own all the rights to your book, get 90% royalties, and fund the process.

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We assist you as you self-publish under your own name. You own the ISBN and are listed as the publisher. You fund the publishing, production, marketing, and anything else you need. You are in charge and own everything. We just help guide you along the way and provide you with all the help and resources you need.

Publish with us

We publish your book and are your publisher. The ISBN is registered to us so that we may act on your behalf with distribution and other activities. You fund the publishing, production, marketing, etc. We do all the grunt work and get your book out to market but you still own all the files and the rights to your work.


Your work. Your royalties. Your rights.

Non-exclusive publishing contracts – We want you to be the proud writer and owner of your work. We don’t want your rights and are not interested in locking you into a contract that takes them away from you.

You own everything – From your content rights to the modifiable source files for the finished book, including eBook files.

Face-to-face meetings – At Lucid House Publishing, you can meet with your publishing team in person or online.

We follow strict publishing standards – Hybrid and self-publishers have to go above and beyond traditional publishers to overturn age-old perceptions. We make sure your book is marketable and meets the reader & genre expectations.

Are you an aspiring author?

Regardless of your genre or fiction/non-fiction affiliation we are here to make your words be heard! Lucid House Publishing is more than a publisher – We offer continued support throughout the lifetime of your book. Get in touch with us now!

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