SPELLBOUND: Under The Spanish Moss

Young Gareth Greyfin must find a way to save his father Samuel after he is bitten by a one-eyed snake. With little time before the venom will reach his father’s heart, Gareth follows his father’s instructions to bring him to a cabin in the swamps outside of Savannah, Georgia — the home of a witch with a fearsome reputation.

The witch sends the fearful young man on a quest for five ingredients for the potion that offers the elder Greyfin’s only hope. Accompanied by the witch’s raven as a guide, Gareth’s desperate journey leads to encounters with a cast of characters that defy imagination. He slowly discovers that he is stronger and braver than he realized. He also forms an unlikely alliance with the Raven. The duo is joined by an old banjo player, and they learn that heroes come in unexpected forms.

Along the way, Gareth learns a family secret and a deception threatens to destroy his budding friendship with the Raven and possibly the life of his father. Will his bargain with Evangeline pay off or will Gareth be the one to pay the price?

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“I have always surrounded myself with stories of magic and mystery from the books I read, movies I watch, and even the games I played growing up. It is one of my favorite genres, and I was excited when I sat down to read this book. I didn't get up until it was over. This journey of self-discovery is surprisingly riddled with life lessons of love, bravery and what it means to put others before yourself. If you are looking for a page turner full of adventure that is not only relatable but also gives you an escape from reality, this is it! I recommend this book to everyone!"
Brooklynn Bradley-LaFleur, Head Queen of Pulpwood Academy Online Book Club Chapter for the Pulpwood Queens
Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss tells us, ‘magic is channeling what you feel into something you can touch and see. First, you have to believe.’ I believe in Connor and Kevin Garrett and in the magic they have channeled into every glorious page of this pitch-perfect Low Country fever dream of a hero’s quest. This novel is a welcome reminder of the transcendent power of family and that the aspects of ourselves which make us different also make us powerful. Spellbound is a gift, destined to be treasured and shared.”
Jonathan Haupt - Executive director of the Pat Conroy Literary Center and co-editor of "Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy"
"When my sons were in school, they were often caught reading Harry Potter in the hallways between classes. I hope my grandchildren will be caught with Spellbound."
Peter Onorati - Film and television actor
“Ingredients are what we all are searching for. The Garretts’ masterfully wield together profound, mystical and mythical challenges underneath the skies of dusty Georgia. As Spellbound reveals more of its complicated world, I relate more and more to my own.”
Speech of Arrested Development, 2-time Grammy award winning recording artist and activist
“A juicy mystical tale. Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss captures the feeling of old world Southern nostalgia in a vibrant, colorful and contemporary fashion. It’s an immensely satisfying read for all ages. It honors the beauty and traditions of Coastal Georgia while creating a magical world, laced with real life metaphors for love and survival. The icing on the cake, however, is that it is cleverly written by a father-and-son. Bravo, Garretts.”
Miles K. Neiman - Publisher and Producer of The Georgia Hollywood Review Magazine and Television Show
“Connor and Kevin Garrett have spun an exceptional 'Tale of Southern Magic' in Spellbound. The blackwater swamps of southern Georgia are the perfect setting for this mythological folktale of betrayal and dark magic. But heroic sacrifice and love balance out the story, whose landscape is dotted with witches, shapeshifters, poisonous fruit, dreamcatchers, and a flower that never dies.”
Susan Cushman, author of "Cherry Bomb" and "Friends of the Library", and editor of "Southern Writers on Writing" and "The Pulpwood Queens Celebrate 20 Years!"
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